Mountain Turnings

Handmade and functional wooden items turned by Kevin Snyder


​​I have been turning for about 5 years. Wood has always interested me whether I am walking through a forest or burning it in a stove. There is a strength and beauty in every piece from a log on the ground to a turned bowl on a shelf.

I am fortunate to live near wooded mountain areas of Eastern PA were trees are abundant, so I don't have to go far to find material for my next project. My friends and relatives have given me additional wood, so I typically have a variety to choose from. Some of the types I use are Black Locust, Ash, Oak, Fire Cherry, Yellow Birch, Mimosa, Sassafras, Black Walnut, Mulberry, Cherry, Pear and Tulip Poplar. I have also reclaimed pieces of leftover Cedar from construction projects and even Mahogany from old table legs.

Most of what I create are smaller sized projects like pens, wine bottle stoppers, kitchen utensils (pizza cutter, coffee scoop, long handled serving spoons, cheese cutters and butter knives), household tools (light chain pulls, multi-function screwdriver), Christms ornaments, salt and pepper mills and a shawl stick or pin that is used to hold a knitted shawl, scarf, or sweater in place.

I do make bowls and lidded boxes, but I haven't focused on them as much yet. I ​​
will be producing more of them soon.

For those of you who knit or crochet, I have some ideas for the perfect wooden
yarn bowl.

I am a member of the Lehigh Valley Woodturners group.